Tasks and Project Management

Staff.Wiki has many features for managing task lists, and even projects broken down into tasks.

These tasks, also called "To-do items", can be added to either pages (such as a policy) or to tickets. Checklists that are added to pages are also managed as the same kind of tasks. There is also a place under assets defined on the Assets tab where you can also create a list of tasks. The functionality for these tasks is the same wherever they are added.

You can add to-do items to policies and procedures to request someone to make a change to the page. You can also create to-do schedules to have someone perform an annual review of a policy, or to set a reminder for when a policy expires.

In this section we'll cover how to add, assign and manage tasks in each of these areas.

Note: You can also add checklists directly into page. See the Page Checklists user guide for more info.

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