Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition has several features designed to cater to the unique needs of larger organizations or more specialized solutions. For example, it has special features for customizing the interface to add new wiki tabs, and also features an integrated Risk Management and Compliance system.

Some of these features include:

  • Creating additional tabs to augment and give more organizational control over policies, procedures, and other information your company may need to manage.
  • Customizing system forms, to add fields or hide fields that are not needed from built-in forms.
  • Tailoring certain visual aspects of the Staff.Wiki app to match your organization's brand identity through the use of CSS styles.
  • Risk Management system, for tracking a list of risks in your organization along with their mitigations, which can be linked directly to policies or procedures.
  • Compliance Management system, for tracking regulatory and standards frameworks such as CMMC, SOC2, HIPAA, NIST, OSHA and many others. 
  • Archival of removed articles for recovery or cataloguing of past information.
  • A full API [*] through which you can integrate other systems into Staff.Wiki programmatically, updating articles automatically for example.
  • Guest access that allows users to access the wiki without having to login themselves.
  • User sign-up that lets users sign themselves up for new accounts.
  • Second license for a backup system for redundancy or testing purposes.

In this section we'll detail how these features are used.

Please contact us for access to the API documentation.

Note: Please ensure you have activated your Enterprise Edition license before using these features. For more information click here.

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