AI Risk Analysis

The new AI functions can also automatically perform a risk analysis of a policy or procedure.

This will parse your policy or procedure article and describe the risks the AI thinks that the policy is mitigating, and in what way it mitigates them. These are then quantified and added into the article in a section, so they can be clicked to view in our new inline risk visualizer, and then tracked in a central risk register.

Please read important information about the AI functions before using.

To perform the risk analysis, edit the article. Then click the AI light-bulb icon to bring up the AI functions window:

Once you have the AI Functions window up, just select "Identify Risks":

That's all you have to do, just click OK and it will start analyzing the article to look for risks. 

Once complete, it will insert a section where the cursor is, with the title "Operational Risks":

These should then be clicked to correct the information before publishing.

While the risks it identifies are by no means perfect, it can be a useful starting point to help you get started setting up your risk registers.

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