The search box, search bar, or search field is the quickest way to navigate to a relevant policy or procedure. This is located above the navigation of a wiki tab.

When you search from the box above the navigator, it will search through all articles in the current tab. Any articles that you do not have permission to view will be omitted from the results.

Tip: When editing articles, when you insert a link you can type in a search term and press "down" to see search results, and insert a link to that article.

Here are some tips that can be used when searching:

  • Search for a root word, eg. secure, and it will also search for variations on that word, such as security [*]
  • Terms found in the article will appear highlighted in excerpts of each article shown in the results

  • You can combine words and it will find articles that contain both terms. After that,  you will see articles that contain either word

  • Putting terms in double quotes will try to find an exact match for that phrase.

  • Articles are ranked by a variety of factors, prioritizing the title of the article, how far up and how frequent the text appears in the article, and how accessible the article is.

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