Scope of Support and Maintenance

WorkflowFirst Software LLC provides Support and Maintenance for Staff.Wiki as a subscription service, either annually or part of the monthly subscription for the cloud or Professional service.

There are multiple levels of support that are available. Below we describe the scope of what is provided for the Basic Support level, which is the default support level for all paid support subscriptions.

All support subscriptions include maintenance, which is necessary to continue receiving licensed updates to Staff.Wiki Professional Edition

  1. We will provide answers to questions pertaining to the core features of Staff.Wiki along with installation of the Professional Edition.
  2. Questions must pertain to the usage of Staff.Wiki that do not involve or require in any way the understanding of client customizations, proprietary solution requirements, or industry (domain-specific) knowledge.
  3. All questions and responses will be processed through the Staff.Wiki ticket system. Each ticket is limited in scope to one single question.
  4. Response time to questions is within 1-2 U.S. business days (USA, federal holiday schedule). Same day response is available with an Extended support agreement. Guaranteed hourly response is available with an SLA agreement. Please contact us for details. Business hours are typically 0900 CST to 1700 CST.
  5. Basic support is limited to 5 hours per annum for the Cloud and Professional plan, and 15 hours per annum for Enterprise, and each ticket will constitute a minimum of 15 minutes.
  6. Questions that may be useful to others and that do not appear to contain sensitive information may be anonymized and published in the user guide for others to see.
  7. Should support assistance exceed what is provided through Basic Support, an Enhanced Support contract will be required.
  8. The standard support incorporates maintenance, which includes periodic version updates to Staff.Wiki.
  9. Does not include retrieval of backup database on cloud accounts in case of inadvertent data loss.

Support response and receiving updates to the product is contingent upon full payment of any subscription payments that are due.

Cloud accounts are updated automatically with the latest version (with or without notice). However, if you wish to opt-out of updates, in order to keep your system stable, please let us know and we can exclude your account from the periodic update service.

For information regarding additional services or advanced/extended support, please contact us at

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