Customizing System Forms

Note: Please exercise caution when using this feature as it can result in data loss or system interruption. Ensure your database is backed up first.

When we're talking about system forms, we're talking about the pop-up entry windows that are used throughout the system. Staff.Wiki has a lot of built-in forms, including the User record, the Incident Report record, the Ticket form, the article Metadata form and many others. Because these are system forms, there are certain fields within those that are required by the system for it to function. However, there are other fields that may not be required and may be considered irrelevant to your type of business. There may also be fields you need to be added that are not currently there. You may also want to change the title of certain fields.

To cater to this, Staff.Wiki Enterprise Edition allows for the majority of system forms to be customized. You can hide non-required fields in forms, you can also rename fields or add additional fields. Those additional fields will be displayed in the form, stored in the database, they can often be searched on, exported to Excel for analysis, and can be accessed via the API (API is available only in the Enterprise edition).

Which Forms Can be Customized?

The following forms are currently available for customization. If you find another form in Staff.Wiki that you need to customize, please contact us to see if we can add it to this list.

  • Assets
  • Assets / Bookings
  • Assets / Bookings / Comments
  • Assets Instrumentation
  • Compliance
  • Compliance Audits
  • Compliance Objectives
  • Compliance Objectives / Evidence
  • Incident Reports
  • Incident Reports / Attachments
  • Incident Reports / Records
  • Lists / Change Request
  • Lists / Vendors
  • Page / Checklist Schedule
  • Page Metadata (available in the Metadata form when editing an article)
  • Risk Register
  • Risk Register / Risks
  • Risk Register / Risks Mitigation
  • Standing Data / User Group
  • Standing Data / Departments
  • Tickets
  • Tickets / Attachments
  • Tickets / Tasks (these tasks also refer to the To Do entries on articles, underlying checklist data, asset tasks and a few other task windows)
  • Tickets / Tasks / Attachments
  • User Area (this refers to the User profile available on the Users tab)

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