Risk Management Module

The Risk Management module allows you to track risks and threats to the success of your organization, along with the mitigations you've added to thwart those risks.

Many policies and procedures are instituted in order to reduce risks in an organization. For example, procedures may specifically include certain safety checks in order to reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Or perhaps you have a data protection policy in order to mitigate against liability for a client data breach.

Because it often makes sense to approach writing certain policies and procedures from a risk perspective, we have incorporated an optional Risk Management module into Staff.Wiki, that helps you pinpoint, analyze and mitigate risks across your organization, as an on-going initiative. 

Tip: You can also regularly review any recent incident reports to determine future risks that need mitigation.

An effective risk management program can be extremely valuable, protecting your organization from threats and helping to maintain stability.

In this section we'll run through the features of the Risk Management module, and help you make the most of them.

Note: The Risk Management features can only be seen by users who have "Risk Analyst" setting set to Yes. Please contact an administrator to have this switched on for your user. Administrators will always see the risk management features. This module is only available in Staff.Wiki Enterprise.

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